SoftWheelTM for Cars

A New Era in Automotive

Higher efficiency. Better responsiveness. Lower unsprung mass.
 SoftWheel’s Adaptive In-Wheel Suspension constitutes a new approach to shock absorption, which decouples the everlasting compromise between comfort and performance. The future of personal and urban mobility will never be the same.

Lowering the Unsprung Mass

In most vehicles the unsprung mass consists of tires, rims, hubs, break discs, bolts, uprights and more. Unsprung mass is the weight of all objects between the road and the suspension system, and it greatly affects the behaviour of the vehicle when encountering either small interferences or large obstacles in the road.

Energy Efficient

SoftWheel’s revolutionary energy-efficiency capabilities are key to dramatically reducing vehicle weight and increasing driving range. Allowing for 360 degree suspension around the rim not only increases ride comfort but also dramatically improves handling and responsiveness.

SoftWheel’s Adaptive In-Wheel Suspension is the only technology designed from inception to effectively reduce the vehicle’s unsprung mass. In SoftWheel’s approach, the only parts which are not sprung are the rim and tire. This is extremely important when dealing with hub-motors where the adaptive suspension is not effected by the hub-motor torque, allowing for peak performance with ultimate comfort.