SoftWheel’s Technology

Reformulating Newton’s Third Law Of Motion

Newton’s Third Law is “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” With a regular spoke-and-hub wheel fitted with traditional shock absorbers, obstacles exert forces on the bicycle that cause vibration to the frame & riders’ body, and decrease forward momentum – the obstacle’s “action” causes these “reactions,” resulting in a less comfortable and slower ride.


 But SoftWheel’s cutting-edge wheel engineering & design, placing the 3 suspension arms inside the wheel, allows the hub and suspension to “react” inside the wheel. The “action” of each obstacle causes a “reaction” limited to inside of the SoftWheel. The net result is much less vibration to the frame or rider’s body, and the preservation of more forward momentum.


Specifically, we developed 4 new technologies that confine reactions to obstacles within the wheel itself, helping SoftWheel improve the riding experience, comfort and energy-efficiency of transportation.


Four main technologies set SoftWheels apart from all other wheel and shock absorber:



1. In-wheel SuspensionTM

SoftWheel’s core innovation are the 3 suspension arms built inside the wheel rim, equidistant around a central hub, that absorb shocks from any direction.


2. Adaptive RigidityTM

SoftWheel’s patented technology keeps the 3 suspension arms rigid and strong like spokes, but when encountering obstacles, automatically compress to absorb the shock.


3. Rapid Shock-ResetTM

After impact, SoftWheel’s 3 suspension arms reset quickly, absorbing almost all of the shock. After ⅓ turn of the wheel, the 3 suspension arms are immediately ready to go.


4. Single-piece Rigid RimsTM

All SoftWheel rims are built extremely rigid and strong. They offer as much stability and as fast a ride as the highest-quality regular rims on the market.

SoftWheel Suspension In Action

A. On a flat surface the In-wheel Suspension arms are as rigid & strong as spokes
B. After impact the In-wheel Suspension arms & hub shift to absorb the shock
C. With Rapid Shock-Reset the hub & suspensions return to equilibrium
SoftWheel Suspension In Action

SoftWheel VS Regular wheels

SoftWheel VS Regular wheels

SoftWheel Outperforms on the Test Track

A. Over bumps, SoftWheels absorb more shock and preserve momentum
B. On pavement, SoftWheels adapts quickly between uneven & smooth surfaces
C. On flats, SoftWheels stay rigid & strong for a faster ride
SoftWheel Outperforms on the Test Track

Superior Shock Absorption

A. On initial impact, a SoftWheel rider feels 50% fewer G-forces
B. SoftWheel’s In-wheel Suspension absorbs all the shock in the wheel therefore it does not bounce at all
C. Overall, a SoftWheel absorbs almost 70% more G-forces and protect the rider’s body from more shocks
Superior Shock Absorption