April 8, 2017
Allaina has experienced the difference SoftWheel can make

“I’m in my chair from roughly 6 a.m. to midnight everyday. SoftWheel has changed my experience of rolling around for the better.”


December 29, 2016
“Becky said, that she never wants to use regular wheels anymore”



Dear Amy,

now we have the Softwheels. They are unbelievable great. We went over brickwork, cobblestones, broken sidewalks and door jams. It was really, really amazing. The comfort for Becky is so much better. Becky said, that she never wants to use regular wheels anymore.

A thousand THANKS for the wheels. We have no words for this. We are sooooo happy!!!

Best regards and again a thousand THANK YOU’s for the wheels

Becky and Tobi

August 11, 2016
“Softwheels took all the impact”

Hi All This film clip may seem like an ordinary film but you will be suprised to learn I am going over very rough

pathway up on the moors in Lancashire England what is remarkable is that I have broken vertebrae and

was able to travel two miles on very rough terrain all because #Softwheels took all the impact .

It means I can join my son & his family in their favourite pastime of walking the moorland in Great Britain

there is absolutely no way It can be done on ordinary wheels. I hope you can use the film .

It is important for those with serious spine injuries to watch my head & neck (which is fused), to do 2 miles plus on

that terrain is life changing.

Sincerely Wayne T Rostron

January 19, 2016
“With SoftWheels life is much easier”

Hi SoftWheel-

My name is Idan. I am 43 years old, a performer, a stand up comedian, writer and singer. The special fact about all that is that I’m doing it all on my wheelchair. yes, I am disabled (CP= cerebral paralysation), and that obliges me to use a wheelchair since I cannot walk all by myself.

The life of a disabled person is full of challenges. Starting with dressing, showering, then also cooking and even working in some professions. one of these challenges is to get along by myself in the streets: Sometimes there are stairs and no elevator, sometimes the sidewalk is too high to climb on, sometimes there is a sharp incline towards my destination. Doing all that with common, regular wheels demands considerable stamina and quite a lot of strength. Sometimes when I arrived to a meeting people asked why am I so sweaty on a winter day… .

Well, not anymore. because with the new SoftWheel technology life is much easier. Now I don’t have to put so much effort in inclines. Now, I can get up the sidewalk with substantial ease, and I even don’t have to worry about the bump that I might feel when I go downstairs. The new wheels of SoftWheel give me a sense of security. One cannot compare them with the old original wheels I had. My life now is so much better.

It is a whole new world. I really have to recommend these wheels to every disabled person on earth.

Thank you, Softwheel 🙂

January 19, 2016
“These wheels have changed my life”


Dear Resolute Adaptive,

These wheels have changed my life. I feel that I can go anywhere and do anything. I do not hesitate anymore to do anything or go anywhere. Thank you so much and the Independence Fund for investing in my life.

From Dillon Cannon, U.S. Military Veteran

January 19, 2016
“A spaceship on wheels”

Two months ago I decided to roll the Tiberias Marathon on a wheelchair. Driven by my longing for running (did I mention my head injury?… J ), I began training under the guidance of my trainer and dear friend, Mr. Chaim Malka.

While rolling, we are constantly faced with various challenges. There is a long trial and error process for understanding what’s the best way to position one’s body, gain speed, use the body’s energy, move safely – and many more issues.

To withstand the pressures of a full-on marathon, one needs good legs! – Or, in my case, good arms and reliable wheels. The excellent staff at SoftWheel rose to the challenge, and gave me their unique in-wheel suspension technology wheels, for me to try out for the Marathon.

Initially, I could not notice substantial differences. I experienced shock absorption mainly while climbing stairs, going down stairs, and no major difference on a regular track.

Within two months of training, rolling, jumping stairs, smashing into various obstacles, and many other stunts, I had to repair my SoftWheels, and temporarily return to my original wheels. The feeling was as if I just downgraded my ride from a spaceship to a regular rural tractor. Only when returning to my regular wheels did I understand the real revolution in the SoftWheel wheels.

Today, it’s very clear to me that their quality is priceless, especially as these are my “legs”, taking me everywhere!

Avi De-Pilosof

January 19, 2016
“An amazing reinvention of the wheel”



SoftWheel is an amazing reinvention of the wheel. The wheel easily adds suspension to any manual wheelchair making for a comfortable ride on any terrain. With SoftWheel I roll confidently and comfortably whether I’m going about my regular day or riding the ramps in the skatepark.

Chris Wroblewski

#wheel_reinvented #softwheelteam #coolourswheelchair

January 19, 2016
“This wheel is a game changer”



When thinking about how to describe the SoftWheel, I keep coming back to Newton’s law of inertia: a body in motion, stays in motion. This summer I have made huge changes with my lifestyle and health. The soft wheel has been a vital catalyst in those changes. Simply put, this wheel is a game changer. A revolution to the way wheelchair users can get around. I am by no means an elite athlete, but I am active, and my health has always been important to me. I recently got back into running in my everyday chair for exercise. After only a few short weeks of running, I entered a 10 mile road race. I rolled the same race 10 years ago, when I was 19, in 95 minutes. This year, in far worse physical condition, I cut that time down to 80 mins. A million words cannot express the feeling I get from the efficiency of these wheels. Last year I was a fat ski/surf bum. I was active, but longed for a more intense workout that could change my life. This year I have that. My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon of 2017. It may not sound like much, but for a fat surf bum like me it is huge.

I look forward to continuing the dialogue.



January 19, 2016
“The most awesome and incredible thing out there…”



The new Acrobat SoftWheel is the most awesome and incredible thing out there for any wheelchair user – it is the ability to make ANY wheelchair frame to a 6 contact point system (at least mine has 10 points between the wheels system and their frame shocks, with front caster suspension too) that ability to make ANY chair free of the thought “will my chair pass this? Can I join in the fun or not?” – with the special system of Acrobat SoftWheel wheels on, you are free to choose whatever fun activities you like, and lead the way: no more worries about grassy terrain, road blocks, and uneven surfaces, even the sea sand cannot stop your chair with the added power of the shock wheels, you can reach the water! 🙂

As a professional wheelchair skater (wcmx chairskating is a sport which raises in the world as the next of kin of skateboarding) I can truly say the wheel is reinventing the game – skating on it is faster, easier, softer rolling to the ramps, and even harder tricks like flips and spins are easier to obtain … the dropins are more magical than ever flying and landing with the help of 6 co-working pistons is like heaven, like a hot knife into cool butter …

The best wheels I have ever used – the new level of comfort and sophistication for me and for every wheelchair user.


Vali Prem Wroblewskili

#teamsoftwheel #wheel_reinvented #wcmx #wcmxmom

January 19, 2016
“Thanks for introducing SoftWheel to the USA”


Mr. Barel,

First, I just want to say thank you for introducing SoftWheel to the USA through Crawford Composites. Second, let me tell you my experience while riding on the SoftWheels; I am a 34 year post injury C-7 incomplete Quad, until SoftWheel I used and pushed many different types of wheels however, none of them have offered the ride quality or comfort provided by the SoftWheel.

At first I was concerned about the increase in weight but, after pushing the wheel I noticed that the little bit of extra weight was not a factor. The mechanism of the wheel actually helped me to propel up the hills and city streets. It was the most amazing sensation to actually feel the wheels release energy back that I normally loose. While traversing streets in Seattle recently I encountered a curb and simply popped up my front casters hit it straight on and felt the energy release again as it help me climb the face of the curb. Again, after 34 years of pushing a wheelchair this is the first time my wheels actually helped me up the curb.

Needless to say that everyday travel in my chair is quite comfortable without having the day to day vibrations of rough surfaces radiate up through my back and neck. My next venture with the SoftWheels is to mount a lager diameter “off road” tire on them and go for a long push on the 4×4 trails behind my home. I have no doubt that the ride will be smooth.

Thank you again,

Robbie Parks