The Wheel Reinvented

The Wheel Reinvented

Introducing The World’s First
Adaptive In-Wheel Suspension System


With 3 suspension arms inside the rim, SoftWheels are designed to absorb energy from any obstacle.


SoftWheel’s shock absorbers adapt to the terrain – on flats they remain rigid like spokes, but over bumps they compress to absorb impact.


SoftWheel’s 3 shock absorbers work together to reset more quickly and  absorb more shocks and vibrations over the same distance and time.

The Most Energy Efficient Wheel
Created Since 3,500 BC

The SoftWheel Energy Advantage

E-bikes outfitted with SoftWheels completed a test track faster than with regular-spoke wheels – and had 16.4% more energy left in the battery pack.

Roll On and On (and On)

SoftWheels absorb more shocks over a given distance or time interval, providing riders with superior comfort and an energy-advantage under all road conditions.


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Rigid & Comfortable

The 3 suspension arms absorb shocks from any direction while compressing only “on-demand”, giving riders the precise amount of cushioning only when needed – and preserving more forward momentum.

SoftWheel Takes You Further On Any Ride


For WheelChairs

The world’s most advanced wheel system is compatible with any wheelchair frame. Riders achieve the ultimate combination of comfort & performance, incredible improvements in energy-efficiency and significant impact reduction on the spine and back.


For Bicycles

The most advanced shock absorption wheel system made for e-bikes & bicycles empowers riders to go further, faster, while providing unparalleled cushioning & energy-efficiency. SoftWheels on both front and back wheels offer a truly unique riding adventure that must be experienced to be believed.

SoftWheel for Automotive

SoftWheel is adapting its revolutionary wheel technology to the unique requirements of automobiles and trucks, improving the overall ride, performance and energy-efficiency of individual vehicles and large fleets.

Currently under R&D